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New regulation known as Strong Customer Authentication, or SCA, is changing online payments in Europe.

On September 14, European regulation will mandate Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
for many online payments. When it goes into effect, a form of two-factor authentication will
be required for many card payments. Unless you update your integration, your customers’ banks
will decline many transactions.

Consequently, the Software Heritage donation forms based on Stripe must be updated to that payment flow.

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Currently the WordPress plugin we are using to interact with Stripe does not yet support SCA but it will be added during the summer.

To anticipate that change, I took care today to upgrade this plugin to its latest version (from 3.16.3 to 4.0.2).
A lot of breaking changes were introduced in the latest plugin version so it took me some time to migrate all the donation forms.
This migration process is now done and adding SCA support should be quite easy when a new version of the WordPress plugin
will be released.

Update for this task: the Wordpress plugin update supporting SCA will be released on September, 2nd 2019.

So I will update our donation forms next week.

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