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Mar 10 2022, 2:30 PM (64 w, 2 d)

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Apr 12 2022

dhwajgupta added a comment to T3137: Add type annotations to swh.loaders.svn.

Hi, @vlorentz I have checked swh/loader/svn/, and it is annotated, can you guide me where are the annotations required.

Apr 12 2022, 7:01 AM · Easy hack, SVN Loader

Apr 9 2022

dhwajgupta updated subscribers of T3301: graph: add test for the "algo" parameter of walk().

Hi, @vlorentz @zack Is this task still valid?

Apr 9 2022, 7:59 AM · Easy hack, Compressed graph service

Apr 4 2022

dhwajgupta updated dhwajgupta.
Apr 4 2022, 11:30 PM
dhwajgupta added a comment to T2801: Wrong <title> on snapshot pages.

Any actions required in this task?

Apr 4 2022, 11:29 PM · Web app, Easy hack