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Oct 7 2022, 11:12 AM
mocker = <pytest_mock.plugin.MockerFixture object at 0x7f346df79668> class_ = 'memory' expected_class = <class ''>, kwargs = None @pytest.mark.parametrize("class_,expected_class,kwargs", SEARCH_IMPLEMENTATIONS) def test_types(mocker, class_, expected_class, kwargs): """Checks all methods of SearchInterface are implemented by this backend, and that they have the same signature. """ mocker.patch("") if kwargs: concrete_search = get_search(class_, **kwargs) else: concrete_search = get_search(class_) # Create an instance of the protocol (which cannot be instantiated # directly, so this creates a subclass, then instantiates it) interface = type("_", (SearchInterface,), {})() for meth_name in dir(interface): if meth_name.startswith("_"): continue interface_meth = getattr(interface, meth_name) missing_methods = [] try: concrete_meth = getattr(concrete_search, meth_name) except AttributeError: if not getattr(interface_meth, "deprecated_endpoint", False): # The backend is missing a (non-deprecated) endpoint missing_methods.append(meth_name) continue expected_signature = inspect.signature(interface_meth) actual_signature = inspect.signature(concrete_meth) > assert expected_signature == actual_signature, meth_name E AssertionError: origin_get E assert <Signature (url: List[str]) -> Union[Dict[str, str], NoneType]> == <Signature (url: str) -> Union[Dict[str, str], NoneType]> .tox/py3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/swh/search/tests/ AssertionError