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I dived into the (Erlang package manager) ecosystem and found that we can list it like this:

  • Iterate through the package API (pass ?page=n for pagination)
  • To get a list of released versions for each pkg, extract pkg["releases"][i]["version"] where i is the ith release.
  • Now combine these versions with the package name in based on the format:{pkg_name}-{pkg_version}.tar
  • Send these urls to the tar loader along with extra metadata.
  • For the last_update value, we can use pkg["updated_at"]

Sample tar link:


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KShivendu created this object in space S1 Public.

I have a question: The .tar files obtained from this have a contents.tar.gz which contains the real source code. Is there a way to extract this internal .tar file using the current tar loader?

@KShivendu Hi, we had a similar situation with rubygems loader, see its _load_directory method