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Automation of add forge now workflow
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[WebUI] status change to Acceptedcreate a gitlab issue (example: - mention the gitlab issue link as a comment of the add forge now request
[sysadmin] scheduling done change status to Scheduled (via web api) 
[sysadmin] listing successfully finishedchange status to First listing done (via web api)
[sysadmin] loading startedchange status to First origin loaded (via web api)
[sysadmin] Loading successfully finishedsend validation email to forge admin (see example below*) using the email feddback tracking system
[sysadmin] validation email sentclose the gitlab issue
Manual ?update changelog

*Validation email example:

Dear forge administrator,

We are happy to announce to you that your forge has been successfully
archived !

The forge repos are now available in the archive :

Kind regards,
The Software Heritage team